Red Helium 8K- HDRX

Mike Grieve and Daniielle Eyre of Red Camera Company came to Dublin to show their new Red Helium 8k camera to The ISC at the John Player Studio DOP Martin Testar set up a few shots to demonstrate the capabilities of the new helium sensor.  Eugene McCrystal and Gary Curran of Outer Limits were there to to put the footage through the grading process. Special thanks to Jason at Teach Solais and Kite Studios, 24-7 Drama and Model Aoife Cawley


Red 8k offers a the new HDRX option. (High Dynamic Range


HDRx® is a proprietary HDR video solution that was invented for RED’s EPIC® and SCARLET® cameras. It works by recording two exposures within the interval that a standard motion camera would record only one:   The primary exposure is normal, and uses the standard aperture and shutter settings (the “A frame”). The secondary exposure is typically for highlight protection, and uses an adjustable shutter speed that is 2-6 stops faster (the “X frame”). For example, if the A frame is captured at 24 fps and 1/50 second shutter speed, then specifying 2 stops HDRx causes the X frame to be captured at a shutter speed of 1/200 second.


For more information look up the Red camera website